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Navigating Estate Administration Together

Florida probate laws are quite complex. For first-time executors dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, it can be especially difficult to navigate the process. The Nussbickel Law Firm, P.A., is here to help. For over two decades, Mr. Nussbickel has worked with clients throughout southwest Florida. He can take this burden off your shoulders, answer all of your questions and make sure things are properly taken care of.

Avoiding Mistakes Can Save You Time And Money

With a “Superb” rating on Avvo and a Client’s Choice Award on Avvo, The Nussbickel Law Firm, P.A. has built a reputation for prioritizing our clients and their needs. To us, you are not just another number. This is especially important when you are navigating the laws surrounding estate plans. The probate process is known for being time-consuming and expensive. As your representation, our legal team will do everything we can to avoid these common mistakes. Essentially, our goal is to simplify the process so that you have less to stress about. This includes:

  • Creating an inventory of assets
  • Arranging for a valuation of assets when necessary
  • Overseeing tax returns for the estate
  • Settling creditor claims
  • Assisting with the distribution of assets to heirs

Understandably, this can all become overwhelming quite quickly. While it is possible to handle this process on your own, any mistake could lead to costly delays. Things become even more complex when there is no will or trust in place. The right lawyer can make all the difference. We are here to explain the most complex legal terms into words you can understand. With our help, you can rest assured that your loved one’s estate will be handled with care.

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The longer you wait to get started with estate planning, the longer it will be looming over your head. Call our office at 844-900-WILL to schedule a consultation today. You can also send us an email. We have offices conveniently located in Naples and Fort Myers.